International Debt Collection B2B

The Legal Partner for your Company

We recover credits that your company has from your international customers.
An international Legal firm specialized in B2B debt collection with the best rates on the market.


We are lawyers specialized in  international debt collection B2B with experience in the various areas of the Commercial Law, Company Law, Private International Law, Insolvency/Bankruptcy proceedings, Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgment, Commercial Dispute Resolution and Mediation.


We are the legal firm with the best rates on the market.
With us, you will always know before how much you will pay, you will always aware about your risks and benefits in advance. We value your profitability!


We care about your business as we care our own; we are aware of your expectations. With our experience in debt collection, we provide you a tailored made advices to your situation. Your interest is our interest!


We try everything that is possible to collect your money; we get info of the debtor through our local agencies and we will bring the debtor before the Court if necessary; we will make sure that you are with no doubts even if the receivable is not collectable.

Our Clients and Partners

Our Services


International Debt Collection B2B

We collect your money for unpaid invoices or agreement not honored from your international clients.

Extrajudicial debt collection procedure

Our lawyers will contact your debtor, in his native language, within 24 hours by official demand letters and phone calls.

Judicial debt recovery procedure

The lawyers of Basile International Legal Firm, will bring your debtor before to Court if necessary, claiming the due amount, interest and damage suffered.

International trade dispute - Dispute Resolution

We can assist you solving your commercial disputes with your trade partners, negotiating on your behalf and we make sure any possible settlement is in your favor.

Insolvency/bankruptcy procedure

You do not need to worry! If your international debtor is going through an insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings or you would like to initiate bankruptcy proceedings, we can support your company taking part in the proceedings, claiming your rights as Creditor.

Drafting terms and conditions

Secure your business drafting professional terms and conditions that are tailored made to your business to reduce the risks and solve the possible dispute rapidly.


debt collection has never been so convenient

An innovative policy which aims to minimize the cost of the debt collection.

Basile International legal firm can guarantee that in Extrajudicial phase, in case of success you will receive 100% of the main amount and your cost shall be zero.

We win, no fee policy has been made to reduce the impact of an international debt collection procedure on your company.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You Ask, We Answer

Frequently Asked Questions about debit collection, how it works and how it can benefit your business.

We start with amicable procedure; contacting the debtor, in his native language, by our official demand letters which is followed by phone calls whereas we make sure to get information about debtor’s business through trade registries and credit reports.

If extrajudicial phase is over without any success, we will evaluate all the aspects of the case along with our clients and assess the likelihood of possible legal action against your debtor.

We can assist you in EU countries and we are also able to assist you outside of EU through our local lawyers and partners.

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