We are an international legal firm based in the Netherlands who is specialized in international debt collection B2B (Business to Business).

We start with amicable phase through which we first assess your claim based on the legal grounds, following that we issue a legal notice and sent out to your debtor within 24 hours of your case transfer. We continue with phone calls and try to collect your credit in full as soon as possible.

If, through amicable, your claim is not collected, the phase is over and you will be provided with the final advice with the possible legal actions and the associated costs and fees!

Except the initial administrative fee of 100,00 € + VAT, you will not be charged with any costs and fees unless you would like to process further with the advised legal action!

Our team with our local partners, we are able to assist you in EU and outside of EU.

Once we collected your money we are going to transfer it to your bank account within 48 hours.

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