Protect your business and mitigate your risks especially when it comes to cross border transactions by drafting professional terms and conditions for your international partners in order to solve the possible disputes rapidly.

Strong terms and conditions reduce risk of unpaid invoices.

Why Do You Need Terms and Conditions?

  • To have clear order – payment – delivery process
  • To mitigate to risks of cross border transactions
  • To protect your commercial interest
  • Set rules to prevent non-sense disputes and arguments with your partners
  • Choose the applicable law and the competent court
  • Limit your liability

Reduce the risk of late payment

The agreement will govern also the interest rate in case of late payment.

You can set a different rate up to 15%, agreed with your international partner, so the risk of late payment will be reduced significantly

Set The Applicable Law and Competence Court

Usually, the Applicable Law clause of a Terms and Conditions agreement refers to the jurisdiction that applies to the terms presented in the agreement.

Set the this conditions in your agreement can give you the advantage to appeal to the Court of your city  and apply the Law of your country, so your counterparty will know that in case of any dispute, the matter will be handled from a different Court and he will respect the terms in disciplined way.

Moreover, a well drafted T&C will solve the dispute quicker  and will protect your international business.

Limit Liability

Terms and Conditions agreements commonly include a warranty disclaimer that tries to limit the owner’s liability in cases where errors are found in the content presented on the website.