With our international lawyers and through local partners, we assist businesses in collection of their due invoices.

Our lawyers with professionalism and determination will approach your debtor, on legal basis demanding the payment of the invoices that you have been waiting for to collect.

International Debt Collection - International Recovery Debit

Does your company is owed a debt by an International company? We can help you to recover it. No later than 24 hours after the case assignment, we send to your debtor a legal notice in his/her native language which will be followed by phone calls.

In case the amount is not collectable through amicable phase, we provide you with a legal advice; legal options and costs and fees and we undertake the action on behalf of you if you would like to proceed further. We assess your debtor’s financial situation and try to avoid going under the burden of commercial litigation if the outstanding does not seem collectable from your debtor. We care about your pockets and try to give you the best advice in the sense of cost effectiveness.

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