In case the extrajudicial phase over without success, a legal action against the debtor will start.
Our international lawyers will bring the debtor before the Court, wherever it is.

  • We bring your debtor before to Court if necessary, claiming the due amount, interest and damage suffered.
  • We can sue the debtor in his or your country according to Law.
  • We are expert in EU regulation which governs European disputes.

Our lawyers are specialist  in the following legal procedures of the debt collection:

In case the extrajudicial phase over without success or your claim is disputed, or there is no consensus between the parties with regards to the matter in question, then we can take a legal action against your debtor unless it is not advisable by our legal team

Here are some possible legal actions that we can assist in debt collection matters:

European Payment Order ( E.P.O) according to E.U. Regulation n.1896/2006

The European Payment Order, made to speed up the debt collection, is a procedure that is implemented in the case of cross-border disputes, where at least one of the parties is domiciled or resident in one of E.U. countries.
This procedure is applicable to liquid, payable and unclaimed credits receivables in the commercial or civil sector.
The request for such an injunction to the competent judge will result in the issuance of an order for payment against the debtor within 30 days of the request.

If your claim is disputed by the counter party; for instance, if there is complain about the goods delivered or services rendered, then ordinary civil court proceedings can be brought against your debtor. Once you get a judgment in your favor, the judgment can be executed through execution proceedings.

Once the executive title has been obtained (injunctive decree – final judgment of the ordinary civil procedure …) and your debtor does not yet process with the payment, the order can be executed on the debtor’s assets and the assets of your debtor can be seized through execution proceedings.