International debt collection B2B

We collect your money for unpaid invoices or agreement not honored from your international partners.

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Extrajudicial debt collection procedure

Our lawyers will contact your debtor, in his native language, within 24 hours by official demand letters and phone calls.

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Judicial debt recovery procedure

The lawyers of Basile International Legal Firm, will bring your debtor before to Court if necessary, claiming the due amount, interest and damage suffered.

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Dispute resolution

Our lawyers can assist you solving your commercial dispute with your international partners, negotiating on your behalf or on your side.

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bankruptcy preceedings

If your international debtor is going through an insolvency or bankruptcy procedure, No worries! We can help you taking part in the procedure claiming your rights as Creditor.

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Drafting terms and conditions/contracts

Protect your business drafting professional terms and conditions for your international partners in order to reduce the risk of unpaid invoices and solve the possible dispute rapidly.

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